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Good Hands
Good Hands
There Is Love
There Is Love


A pastor and a pop star - not exactly a likely duo? Well it is...when you are Finding Faith.

Finding Faith - is the vocal / guitar duo and songwriting team of Andrew Tierney and Tim Dunfield. From two opposite corners of the globe - Australia and Canada, from two vastly different career paths - pop star come Las Vegas-residency- headliner and Christian worship pastor, Andrew and Tim met in Las Vegas and found a great friendship, a unique connection and a deep passion for writing songs of worship together.

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NEW from Finding Faith - "Finding Faith"

Friday, December 14, 2018

Finding Faith is the vocal/guitar duo of Andrew Tierney and Tim Dunfield from two opposite corners of the globe, Australia and Canada. From two vastly different career paths, this pop star and christian worship pastor met in Las Vegas and found a great friendship founded on the creative connection and deep passion for writing worship songs. The sound of Finding Faith is rooted in contemporary acoustic pop, soulful vocals, and anthemic production. After two years of writing and performing together, Finding Faith is excited to announce their debut, self-titled record, out today. Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources from "Finding Faith" are now available.

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