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Fearless is a Worship Music Artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia. We are deeply committed to unity in the bride of Christ, our songs are the heart-cry of a generation towards that end. Our mandate first and foremost is to create art that calls the lost home, that pierces the soul like an arrow and speaks the raw Gospel to humanity. Our expression is one of honesty, vulnerability, and speaks to the constant renewal of the heart.
Fearless brings a brand new, deep, lyrically rich, and refreshingly honest sound to the Worship Music space. We take a no-holds-barred approach to creativity, seeking to create something truly honest, un-polished by design, and challenging. We believe NOW is the right time for Fearlessness in our world, we have our compass set towards creating art that brings a revelation of God’s love which drives out all fear — to all the world, that they may know and love Jesus, and be known and loved by Jesus.
Our mission is to write songs that say what needs to be said, that call the heart deeper into the story of God, that call home the lost, and call to renewal the believer.

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