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Faith Worship is a new and unique “voice” in our generation. Unlike others, we do not claim to have a “frontman” for leads on songs. With close to 20 frontline vocalists, you never know who may be leading the next song. God has given us a voice for this time, but that voice is not from an individual, rather, it is a collective voice with a wide range in diversity of age, ethnicity, and gender. Located in eastern NC, and a ministry of Faith Assembly church, our team has been making music for over 20 years. Only recently, however, have we began our journey in original music. Our original music reflects the journey our church is on at any given time. It's our way to make music that is relevant -music that is real, raw, and meets people where they are. We find inspiration in the real life issues we walk through. We're excited to grow in all God has for us. Our desire is that through the music we release, we aren't only releasing songs, but releasing hope, healing, faith, and love to the world. We believe that through our music, we will inspire Faith in people as they Worship the one true God - we are “Faith Worship”.

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