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Praise And Protest: Songs, stories and ideas from the spiritual underground

This world is full of believers whose voices are not being heard because they do not fit into mainstream Christian culture. Therefore, the emergence of the spiritual underground, which is buzzing with new life and innovation as a random network of misfits find each other, and a much needed place of safety.

These past few years, Common Hymnal has anticipated the future of the spiritual underground by building a virtual library to facilitate a vital and ongoing exchange of songs, stories and ideas between communities in this space. A recurring theme: Praise And Protest. We started out with a focus on songs, but our hope is to expand into a hybrid library/gallery/theater to curate a broad spectrum of creative expression, including poetry, prose, spoken word, painting, illustration, sculpture, design, animation, film, theater and dance.

This venture is a curatorship, fueled by a team of treasure hunters, who are continuously scanning the uttermost extremities of the Christian world for ‘undiscovered gems.’ From time to time we throw a little fuel on the fire by gathering a group of creatives together for a high-intensity Content Creation Camp. We facilitate this exchange via various media including this site, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Spotify Playlists, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, podcasts, Patreon, live events and our infamous Cyber Soirees.

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