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citylovemusic is a Worship duo consisting of siblings Jonathan Singh and Kristina Plush. Jonathan and Kristina were born and raised in NYC and come from a family of musicians. Music has also been embedded in their genes.

Their parents migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to pastor a church of their own. Jonathan and Kristina grew up listening to their father lead familiar Worship songs in many different styles such as Calypso and Reggae. He would often encourage them to sing with him.

After some time they began to take over the Worship services from their father. They began to write originals songs, build a band and develop their sound. They started leading worship for Churches, Camps, Conferences and Festivals in the North East region.

In 2006 Jonathan and Kristina decided to take a break and pursue individual endeavors. Jonathan became a Worship Pastor and went on to release a few independent albums. Kristina moved to Los Angeles to serve at the Dream Center.

In early 2016 they began to start writing together again. It was a great connection. They recorded a few demos in Nashville. It felt really good and they knew it was time to venture out and do some new music together.

CityLoveMusic means to be a City-on a hill, to Love-God and His People, and make Music-that reflects Christ. “Our mission as Musicians is to make music that break cultural barriers. We want to write songs that all people can worship too. Our songs are kind of like Gumbo soup. You’re going to get a little of everything!”

Citylovemusic’s new EP “Nearer To You” releases in the fall of 2016. Be sure to Pre-Order on itunes, Amazon or Google Play.

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