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Brandon Seibert is a new Singer/Songwriter from Waco, TX. His music is filled with fresh, joyful, and hopeful sounds for a new generation longing for more. His mission is to create songs that unify those inside the Church and draw those outside the Church.

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New EP From Brandon Seibert - #Heaven

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#Heaven is the dynamic new EP from Brandon Seibert born out of the worship leader's time spent serving in Mongolia.  After crying out to God during a time of searching and personal struggle, he shares, "I hit an ecclesiastical place that I would call 'beautifully hopeless.' In this place I realized that there was only one Person that I could actually fully hope in and fully rely on and would always fulfill my desires, and always be enough – Jesus. I started a journey of learning to put all my hope in Jesus alone. And this longing grew in me: To be with Him and to see Him more than anything else on earth. I wasn’t made for this world; I was made for a better place. I was made to see Him face to face in the fullness of His glory. A place where there are no tears, no pain, no hopelessness, no wandering, no confusion, no fear. But there is fullness of life and joy and peace and destiny found at His throne. Heaven is my home."

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