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There are praise & worship artists and then there is BJ Putnam. The quintessential artist, worship leader, songwriter, and producer who has been blessed with some very special gifts, which are showcased in his collection of songs.

Besides his compelling voice and musical gifts the lyrical content truly bring the songs to life in a spiritual sense, uplifting and encouraging, while offering musical enjoyment.

“Having known BJ for nearly 18 years I am amazed by what God has done in his life. His talent of course is showcased marvelously on this project, but the protected anointing upon his life and the character that has sustained the gift is priceless. I love the songs, especially “Our Father” and “Into Your Presence”. The production and the way the spirit of the house was captured will enable all listeners to experience the presence of God. One of the best worship projects of 2008.” --Israel Houghton, Grammy Award Winning Worship Leader

With a passion for praise and a heart for true worship, BJ Putnam is quickly becoming a household name as one of Christian music’s more notable worship leaders.

His performances are professional and his musical ability is showcased front and center, every Sunday, at Church for the Nations in Phoenix, AZ where he is the Worship Pastor under the leadership of Senior Pastor Michael Maiden

Whether leading worship on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) or consistently appearing on AZTV, BJ continues to spread joy.

Working with worship leaders such as Ricardo Sanchez (Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA), and ministering in music for Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel as well as “Campus Crusade for Christ, when called upon, BJ has been able to step in to lead worship for his dear friend/mentor Grammy Award Winning Israel Houghton of Israel and New Breed.

“I have been blessed to have grown up under Israel Houghton’s ministry and played/sang my first note with his help and encouragement. I thank God for his impartation in my life.”

BJ and his beautiful wife Melody Joy Putnam, and 2 son’s Miles and Max reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

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