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ANNA LY was born in July 29, 1989 in Ecuador. She is a musician, singer-songwriter, and recording artist, charting at a young age while sharing a message of God’s love through her songs.

Writing songs has always been her way of expressing her beliefs about God, self-worth, faith, hope, and love. Anna Ly grew up struggled with inner insecurities relating to self-esteem because she was bullied as a kid. At age 16 became a Christian Music TV host “I didn't know that God was using the TV program to prepare me. He would work in my life, give me security, and teach me about inner beauty... while encouraging my faith in order to help others in the future. He always orchestrates everything to work together for our good.” Anna Ly states.

In 2015 she recorded her first Spanish album, “GUARDIAN DE MIS SUEÑOS” (Guardian of my Dreams), which marked a significant milestone in her life. In 2018 she won an Award as a social media influencer from Premios Redención, hosted at the Playstation Theater in Times Square, NYC.

Today, Anna Ly is looking to spread the message of God’s love not just in Latin America, but also the United States. She continues to be a strong advocate for women and the dignity they possess as they are beautifully made in God’s image. She’s partnered with Seth Mosley and FCM Records, and released a new song, “This Isn’t Where It Ends”, which gives hope to those who are broken and despairing from the circumstances of life, reminding listeners that God is still in control, and that nothing can separate them from His love.

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