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Tips and Tricks Featuring Ian McIntosh

By Ian McIntosh

In this session, Ian McIntosh will walk you through how he uses Ableton Live and Reason for keys sounds. He’ll share tips and tricks he’s learned as a keys player.

0:05 Bus Tracks in Ableton

2:32 PRO TIP: Use Buses to Group Tracks and add effects to all your Content

3:14 PRO TIP: Use a MIDI Controller to make your sounds and playing Dynamic

4:32 Effects on Buses

6:19 MIDI Input Bus

10:50 PRO TIP: Use Ableton's Velocity effect to control the response of your MIDI Controller

13:44 Using Freeze on Effects

16:46 PRO TIP: Assign Ableton's Freeze effect to sustain pads and transform your sounds

17:09 Creating Great Piano Sounds in Reason

20:21 PRO TIP: Add Compression to your Piano sound to add sustain

25:16:00 Creating a Great In-Ear Mix

28:25:00 PRO TIP: Creating a od In-Ear mix will improve your playing on stage

26:42:00 Adjusting Sounds based on your Venue

27:38:00 Layering Sounds

35:53:00 Using Compression in Reason

37:38:00 How Do you Decide what to Play Live?

43:14:00 What's the Order of your Effects?

44:12:00 Why do you use Ableton & Reason together?

45:18:00 How do you mix the levels of your Pads?

47:20:00 Does Front of House EQ your Sounds?

48:25:00 Do you have any more tips for mixing In-Ears?

50:07:00 How many channels do you run live?

50:24:00 How do you get the Shimmer effect? is hosting an incredible gathering for worship leaders, keyboard players, and anyone interested in using their computer for Sound Design. The event features both Peter James (from Hillsong) and Ian McIntosh (from Jesus Culture). They’ll be talking about how to get started with using your computer for keys sounds, creating great sounds, and will be sharing tips & tricks they’ve picked up throughout the years. This is an incredible opportunity for both you and the keys players on your team to learn from two of the best musicians and sound designers in worship music today.

Ableton, Reason
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