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Controlling Video with Ableton Live


Making the Connection


In this lesson we'll look at how to connect Ableton Live and ProPresenter. We'll look at how to do it if you're using the same machine or a different machine, and provide both wired and wireless options. Whether it's 5 feet or 50 feet away

00:22 Making the Connection on the Same Machine

00:27 IAC Driver

00:32 Loop Be1

01:15 Setting up the IAC Driver

03:15 Setting up the IAC Driver in Ableton Live

04:40 Setting up the IAC Driver in Qlab

08:45 Making the Connection on Different Computers

  • Wired or Wireless

09:01 Wired

09:02 1) Network MIDI

09:11 RTP MIDI

09:39 ipMIDI

10:33 Setting up a Network MIDI Session

13:50 2) 5 Pin MIDI

15:22 Custom MIDI to XLR Cable

16:05 MIDI Extenders

16:13 MIDI Solutions Power Adapter

17:13 JL Cooper XLR (2)

19:05 3) iConnect Audio4+ & MIDI 4+

  • Hardwire and Network Routing, Computer to Computer Routing

20:13Audio Routing for SMPTE

21:05 Wireless

  • Network MIDI

21:38 Use a Private Router

22:05 Hardwire What you Can

In this course you’ll learn how to control video from Ableton Live. We’ll specifically take a look at how to use Ableton Live to control Pro Video Player 2 and Qlab. You’ll also learn how to use video in Live directly. We’ll look at how to program cues efficiently each week, and how to have freedom when using video content live.

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