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Controlling Lyrics with Ableton Live


Making the Connection


In this lesson we'll look at how to connect Ableton Live and ProPresenter. We'll look at how to do it if you're using the same machine or a different machine, and provide both wired and wireless options. Whether it's 5 feet or 50 feet away

00:00 Making the Connection

00:43 Making the Connection on the Same Machine

00:57 IAC Driver

01:10 IAC Driver=Routing MIDI between Programs on the Same Machine

01:50 Setting up the IAC Driver

05:53 Setting up the IAC Driver in Ableton Live

06:35 Enable "Track" on IAC Driver Output

07:22 Make Sure MIDI Track Output is routed to IAC Driver

07:59 Setup Multiple Ports if sending MIDI between more then 2 programs on the same machine

09:21 Setting up the IAC Driver in ProPresenter 6

12:06 Setting up RV MIDI Virtual MIDI Port

12:48 Setting up IAC Driver in ProPresenter 5

13:46 Making the Connection on Different Computers

  • Wired Connections
  • Wireless Connections

14:38 Wired Connections

14:47 Network MIDI Connection

15:08 Setting up a Network MIDI Connection

16:12 Apple Ethernet Adapters

  • Create a MIDI Session
  • Make sure the Session is Enabled
  • Make sure you have a Local Name
  • Make sure there is a Bonjour name for your Device
  • Set 'Who may connect to me" toAnyone
  • Disable any Live Routings (This is an advanced feature, that you likely won't use)

20:26 Setting up a Network MIDI Connection in ProPresenter 6

23:42 5 Pin MIDI Connection

24:43 Using MIDI Extenders

24:49 Custom MIDI to XLR Cable

  • MIDI, XLR, Jacks, Cables

25:06 MIDI Solutions Power Adapter

27:24 JL Cooper XLR

28:36 iConnectAudio4+

29:12 iConnectMIDI4+

30:04 Wireless Connections

30:09 Network MIDI Connection

30:22 Setting up a Wireless Network MIDI Connection

31:02 Setting up a Wireless Network MIDI Connection in ProPresenter 6

32:03 Routing to Network MIDI Connection in Ableton Live

32:53 Don't Use a Public Wifi Connection

33:39 Setup a Private Router only for Network MIDI

34:22 Apple Airport Extreme

  • Apple Airport Express

34:42 Hardwire What you Can

In this course you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to Control ProPresenter for lyrics and video. We’ll take a look at how to do this in both ProPresenter 5 and 6 and show you the differences between the two versions. You’ll learn how to program cues and load them into a set efficiently, so you don’t have to repeat your work every week. And finally you’ll learn how you can skip around and repeat sections of your songs, and the lyrics will follow.

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