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Controlling Lights with Ableton Live

Will Doggett



By Will Doggett

Programming Tips

02:03 Relative vs. Absolute Programming

  • Next Cue vs. Cue 1, 2, 3

02:04 Program to an Original File

02:05 Drag from Browser

02:06 Seperate Tracks (Easy to see, fix, group to make cleaner) If Intro do as many as you can

02:06 If you can...Program in the MultiTrack file, even if no samples included, so that you don’t have to transfer later

02:07 Timing, Changing the Grid View

02:08 If on Same Computer, Try using another monitor

02:06 Don't Program every cue...copy, repeat song sections!

02:09 After you Program a Cue test it

02:10 Programming Cues in Arrangement View

  • Drag from Browser
  • Program to a File

02:13 Programming Cues in Session View

  • Start in Arrangement View
  • Consolidate to One track if going to one single scene

02:16 Having Flexibility in Ableton Live

  • Cues Track
  • Repeat Track (remove any cues that happen before the beat in the next section)

02:24 Ableton and Jands

  • User Preferences
  • MIDI
  • External MIDI Ports (Enable Correct Port
  • MIDI Show Control Device ID=1

02:30 Ableton and ETC Ion

  • Setting up Preferences
  • Sending Cues

In this course you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to Control lighting.

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