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Justin Quigg Testimonial
"I love what y'all are doing. Playback has shortened my preparation time for Sunday's from several hours to just a few minutes. Keep making great products!"-Justin Quigg (The Gathering Church | Thomasville, GA)
Kristen VanDynHoven Testimonial
"We have been unable to recruit instrumentalist to bring our level of musicality up and to even have a full band on the weekends. There are 3 churches in our city that run well over 2,000 people and those churches seem to attract the musicians that we need. Since discovering the CustomMix feature we have been able to push ourselves like we never have before and introduce songs that we could only of dreamed of before. So thank you for continuing to develop software and features that make songs that churches like mine only dreamt of doing one day possible today."-Kristen VanDynHoven (First Assembly West | Cape Coral, FL)
Socrates Perez Testimonial
" has enabled us to take unnecessary stress out of our worship ministry, from planning and preparation to pressure on our team members. We go into every weekend confident that the sound we produce will be excellent and full. It motivates our volunteers to grow in their craft, resources them with tools to do it, and makes them feel that they're a part of something that is high quality. Consistency has made the biggest impact. Because we use a PreSonus FireBox interface with multiple outs, our clicks and cues have a dedicated line to the band's ears, always allowing for individual adjustments per track. If we are missing an electric guitarist or bass player, we plug in their wireless pack directly into another output so that the sound board gets a clear signal with a similar EQ. If we have a choir, we send a dedicated output from the MultiTracks to help boost their sounds. Our transitions between songs have gone up a notch since using MultiTracks in sync with Ableton Live's arrangement view. Tempo adjusts automatically and we can build in our own instrumental transitions to the track so that the worship experience is seamless. More recently, we've utilized ProPresenter's MIDI module to allow us to keep lyrics and videos in complete sync with our music. By sending MIDI signals to each computer (one track is dedicated to our video computer, another dedicated to our lyrics computer), we are always confident that the audience experiences a smooth flow and is ahead of the words they're about to sing. MultiTracks has done a great deal to move our ministry forward. In the process of establishing systems that have eliminated inconsistencies and previous stresses, we are now able to dedicate more of our time, focus, and energy on ministering to and developing our team members to lead worship. We're able to take more time to focus on what matters: reaching people who are a long way from God, connecting them with His presence, and encouraging them to grow into all He's intended for them to be. Thanks!"-Socrates Perez (Saddleback Church | Lake Forest, CA)
Leann Conner Testimonial
"MultiTracks has allowed us to have a full, amazing sound without even having a drummer or full-time bass player. The impact on our church has been tremendous... and the quality of the tracks is amazing. Thank you!"-Leann Conner (Renew Life Church | Midland, TX)
Emille Hoods Testimonial
"It has improved the quality of our sound by 100 times. We love using MultiTracks and are so appreciative that they are such great quality! Thank you."-Emille Hoods (Living Well Church | Rotorua, New Zealand)
Simon Hänisch Testimonial
"It's great to be able to have a high quality sound because we are still a startup church with a small team growing in numbers and skill. Excellence is one of our heart beats and MultiTracks helps us to reach the most excellent sound we can imagine!"-Simon Hänisch (Equippers Berlin | Germany)
Bryant P. Testimonial
"It is important to have stability when bringing our services together and making sure everything goes according to plan, and Playback delivers. I can lead worship with confidence knowing that our tracks will work flawlessly."-Bryant P. (South Rock Christian Church)
Phillip Iloff Testimonial
" has been a backbone resource for the success of our church worship services and has grown our worship team's skills and knowledge at an astounding level."-Phillip Iloff (Church for the City | Yuma, AZ)
Jonathan Walker Testimonial
"This is an invaluable tool to keep my Sunday morning focused on Spirit-led worship, rather than wrapped up in the technical details."-Jonathan Walker (Ooltewah UMC)
Mike Moore Testimonial
"I am always trying to find more time to engage directly with the people I'm serving. Having ProPresenter lyrics already done for a song is just another time-redeeming tool for me to get back to what I'm most passionate about doing!"-Mike Moore (One Hope Church)
Danny Lacey Testimonial
"The platform and Playback app are awesome and make our team play tighter. And my planning and preparation with the cloud makes things super quick and easy. Much less time than I was spending programming Digital Performer."-Danny Lacey (First Baptist Church, AL)
Ben Murray Testimonial
"Rehearsal Mix helps our worship ministry prepare with excellence. My teams can listen to their parts at the click of a button plus it allows me to focus more time on people. I highly recommend Rehearsal Mix to every worship ministry."-Ben Murray (Daystar Church | Cullman, AL)
Brandon Seibert Testimonial
"It has been the make or break for our worship times. As we started the young church a year ago and built it from the ground to 200 young people, MultiTracks has been vital to keep youthful, vibrant worship while building a worship team. Thank you!"-Brandon Seibert (Antioch Mongolia | Mongolia)
Isaac Mann Testimonial
"MultiTracks has CHANGED THE GAME in production quality in worship services! I look back to the days before Multi's and think of how blessed we are to have this amazing tool from y'all. THANK YOU! "-Isaac Mann (Worship Paster | Harvest Church)
Matt Spinks Testimonial
"Because of, I feel like I can provide a consistent quality to worship wherever I am, regardless of the location or team. It has also empowered our team to strive for better quality in our worship."-Matt Spinks (Martha Bowman UMC | Macon, GA)
Michael Garner Testimonial
"Love Playback! It allows me to focus more on worshipping Jesus and less on technology. Can’t imagine a worship set without it!"-Michael Garner (Outpouring Church)
Nathan Buller Testimonial
" is a useful tool for churches like ours who don't have a lot of musicians. We are able to implement an electric guitar, drums, keyboards, etc., into our worship set and play alongside those instruments. It greatly enhances the quality of our worship and our worship team loves it. "-Nathan Buller (Tascosa Road Fellowship Church | Amarillo, TX)
Johnny Essi Testimonial
"With Cloud Pro my role has never been more simple. All the tools and resources I need are easily accessible for my entire team. The ability to save and share my arrangements and setlists, upload my own tracks & charts and even automate production elements is intuitive & effortless."-Johnny Essi (Music Producer, MD)
Kevin McKelvy Testimonial
"Thanks for all you guys do to serve the church! I only recently realized how far the Playback app has come in the last few years. It is literally saving me hours each week from work I used to do in Ableton. It’s also making it possible for me to teach others on the team how to use this stuff since it doesn’t involve owning a proprietary piece of software like Ableton that has a bit of a learning curve."-Kevin McKelvy (Fellowship Conway | Conway, AR)
Pastor Lester Constance Testimonial
"MultiTracks is simply awesome. I don't have to recreate an entire song any more and wait for the band to programme the music. I can simply just download the tracks. That makes us cover more new songs every month. Can't live without MultiTracks. "-Pastor Lester Constance (Crystal Ministries International | Johannesburg, South Africa)
David Rengifo Testimonial
"I have been blessed by your ministry because the members of my team have been encouraged and inspired by playing along with great music and having the ability to use instruments that otherwise would not be available on a Sunday service. The congregation has been blessed by the use of these tools and their worship experience has been enhanced."-David Rengifo (The Point Church | Cary, NC)
Greg Mazunik Testimonial
"I've used for several years now, and the quality of the tracks blows me away. You were the first to incorporate very useful features like Master Tracks from the artists themselves, and when CustomMix came around, it was a blessing for our teams...and our budget! Thanks for all you do, and keep providing wonderful services for the local church!"-Greg Mazunik (Parkview Church | Iowa City, IA)
Gido N. Testimonial
"One word: game-changer. Playback saved arrangements save a lot of preparation work and add consistency to the sound."-Gido N. (Worship Leader, The Netherlands)
Matthew Williams Testimonial
" has been the biggest change and helpful aid in all that I do as a worship leader. I thank God for the product and the team that puts all of this into place. You guys are amazing and you have helped so many churches who don't have people or resources have top quality services and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Praise God for!!!"-Matthew Williams (Crossroads Church of Benson | Benson, NC)
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