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Vintage Studio Kit

Tim Gosden

Drum Samples
165.17 MB
Drum Samples

Drum Samples

Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

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VINTAGE STUDIO KIT is a total of 230 WAV drum samples comprising of two unique sets.

Using the same drums and different mic and processing techniques I’ve extracted a wide variety of vintage drum sounds, perfect for your next mix, production or to use on your sample pad.


Smooth: These sounds are mix ready taking use of some subtle close mics, and a huge amount of vibe from the stereo ribbon mics and a mono overhead running through a Neve-style 1073 preamp and 1176 compressor.

Big/Natural/Crunch/Rooms: These sounds are mix ready, focusing more on classic close mics, crisp stereo condenser overheads and a vibey mono room mic running through a Neve-style 1073 preamp and 1176 compressor.

These drums are full of life, punch and crunchy vintage vibe - Vintage Studio Kit gives you all kinds of options and flavours of vintage tone, for days.


What's Included

Drums Sampled:
70’s Rogers Big R 24x14” Kick
60’s Beverley Mahogany 13” Tom
60’s Beverley Mahogany 16” Tom
80’s Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5” Snare

Smooth Samples:
10 Kick samples - 1 vibey mix
10 Snare samples
6 Rack Tom samples
6 Floor Tom samples
6 Stick samples
4 Slate Trigger presets with expressive velocity layers

Big/Natural/Crunch/Room Samples:
14 Kicks - 4 vintage mixes
14 Snares - 4 vintage mixes
10 Rack - 4 vintage mixes
10 Floor - 4 vintage mixes

Drum Demo 1

Drum Demo 2

Drum Demo 3 - Full Mix

Drum Demo 3 - Drum Mix


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