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Droff Signature Combo

Nigel Hendroff

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We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires a Kemper Profiler Amp. These Patches cannot be loaded into a DAW
  2. The purchase of these profiles entitles you to use them on ONE Kemper at a time. You may not share these profiles with anyone else. You cannot resell these profiles in any form. You cannot resample these profiles in any form/format.
  3. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!

More From Nigel Hendroff

The VX15 and Spitfire have essentially been my live stereo rig for the last 10 years. They perfectly compliment each other in tone, breakup and stereo width, and the combination of these 2 amps have been the backbone of my sound for every album and tour. 

The Jackson Audio Prism preamp boost, and the Jackson Audio Bloom compressor/EQ are 2 pedals that sit at the start of my pedal board signal chain and are the foundation of every sound I create. They are my ‘always on’ pedals that form the basis of my tone and feel for when I play, creating the perfect balance of breakup and sponginess that compliments my playing style. I've included two profiles in this bundle that highlight the beautiful harmony of these pedals running into my amps.

Droff Spitfire-VX15 1

Droff Spitfire-VX15 2

Droff Spitfire-VX15 3

Droff Spitfire-VX15 4

Droff Spitfire-VX15 5

Droff SF-VX Prism+Bloom 1

Droff SF-VX Prism+Bloom 2


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