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The Matrix

Jim Daneker

2.06 GB

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The Matrix is sourced from two modern analog synths, and while they are the only two in the Legacy Series that aren’t “vintage”, they certainly have loads of vintage character. They are big, bold, warm, and extremely textural, and have a very unique sound.

The goal with the analog synths in the Legacy Series was to capture all their imperfections, instability, and unpredictability. These are the hallmarks of analog, and they are responsible for the warm, lush sounds we all love so much in these timeless instruments. These sounds are alive.

With a focus on quality over quantity, The Matrix meticulously captures 34 new source sounds - including pads, soundscapes, basses, leads, arpeggiated synths and more - all through British mic preamps for the ultimate reproduction of these sounds.

Multiple round robins and velocity layers were captured where necessary, so they behave like proper analog synths - not as static, lifeless samples. All the random instability you’d expect from an analog synth is there, and the resulting sounds are incredibly organic and musical.

Finally, most sounds are dynamically controllable via mod wheel for expressive filter sweeps, LFO control, or other applicable parameters.


  • MainStage/Logic version requires a Mac with MainStage 3.4.4/Logic 10.5.0 or later installed
  • Kontakt version requires Kontakt 6.7.1 or later (full retail version, not “Player), either Mac or PC
  • 5 GB free space on your system drive during download and installation; 2.5 GB post-installation
  • TouchOSC version 1 on any iPad if you want to use the optional touch editor (for MainStage version only).


A 5th of Chips

Ambient Arp


Axel G


Dark Arp

Dirty Poly

Hawkins Lab

Hip 2 B Square

Pong Chase

Skanky Lead

So Textural

Tatooine Lead


Up Mix

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