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AC Reverbs

Anthony Catacoli

Impulse Responses
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Impulse Responses

Impulse Responses

We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. An IR loader uses a small audio sample called an impulse response and uses a process called convolution to give whatever audio comes into the loader a very precise replication of what that source would sound like if it was connected to the actual hardware, signal chain, or even the space it was in.
  2. The purchase of this IR entitles one user to use it at a time. You may not share this IR with anyone else. You cannot resale this IR in any form. You cannot resample this IR in any form/format.

More From Anthony Catacoli

AC Reverbs is a collection of 10 impulse responses you can use in any Convolution Reverb to add space, ambience, and depth to any sound source. These IR's have been made using vintage and modern hardware reverb units that can now be used in any Convolution Reverb plugin. Here's a list of the most common...

Space Designer (included in Logic, MainStage)
Convolution Reverb (Included in Ableton 9 Suite)
TL Space (included in Pro Tools)
IR-1 (Waves Plugin)
Altiverb (Audio Ease)
Reflector (Native Instruments, included in Komplete)
REVerence (Included in Cubase)

They work on this nice list of plugins and a lot more that are even free on the market. Please check your DAW feature list, chances are that if I didn't list it here you have a free one already.

Plate Short

Piano Verb

Mid Hall

Long Hall

Hall Short

Guitar Room

Concert Hall

Cave Long


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