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Stay in the moment.

Song Specific Ambient Pads distinctly crafted to
match each song in your setlist.

What are Song Pads?

Song Pads are custom built pads crafted to match a growing number of songs in our catalogue. Song Pads make setting the tone before starting a song seamless, or contining the moment after tracks end. Even choose to fade out the tracks and Song Pads will continue to play while you navigate to a new song or section.

Song Pads in Pad Player provide security within flexibility, so you can plan your services, yet still have the freedom to go whereyou want to in the moment. Explore a growing number of songs in our catalogue with Song Pads.

Song Pads have blessed so much my life as a music director! It helps with the flow of service, transitions and brings top level pads that fit any song flawlessly.

Adam H.
Influencers Church | Kennesaw, GA

Get more out of Playback with Cloud Pro.

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Open Playback.Download or update to the latest version of Playback.
Start adding Pads.Add a Song Pad to songs in your setlist or load a pad to pair with a song of your choice.
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