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Charts, Lyrics, & Audio for songs in Planning Center

Original high-quality audio and charts automatically attached to your songs in Planning Center Services.

Audio & Chart Attachments

Instant access to a song's original audio recording and a chord chart in Planning Center.

12 Keys Available

The attached song audio and chart are automatically transposed to your selected key in Planning Center.

Help Prepare Your Team

RehearsalPack gives your entire team access to accurate charts and audio so everyone can show fully prepared.

The simplest and most affordable way to resource your team.

Linking Songs from Planning Center

How It Works

Link Songs

Ensure your songs in Planning Center Services are linked to, and you're done! Once a song is linked, the RehearsalPack audio and chart are automatically attached in Services.

Access Audio & Charts in Planning Center

Simply navigate to a song's Attachments section in Planning Center to open the audio and chart files.

Equip your entire team with a
RehearsalPack subscription.

Get an annual subscription and receive a discount equal to two months free!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Planning Center customer in order to purchase RehearsalPack?

Yes. RehearsalPack charts and audio are only accessible from Planning Center Services (app or website) and from the Planning Center Music Stand app.

How will I get the RehearsalPack chart and audio attachments to show up in Planning Center?

After purchasing, we will walk you through linking your existing songs in Services to songs in the catalog. Once a song is linked, RehearsalPack charts and audio will appear in Planning Center Services as song attachments. We’ll also show you how to have them automatically attached when you add new songs to your Services library going forward.

How many team members will get access to RehearsalPack charts and audio?

Your RehearsalPack subscription includes access for every user within your Planning Center Services account.

How much does a RehearsalPack Subscription cost?

Your RehearsalPack tier will be determined by which Planning Center Services plan you're currently subscribed to. However, you have the option to choose between annual or monthly payments.

Services Plan (Team Members)
RehearsalPack - Paid Annually
RehearsalPack - Paid Monthly
Services Plan
(Team Members)
RehearsalPack -
Paid Annually
RehearsalPack -
Paid Monthly

What if my team grows and I need more RehearsalPack seats?

If you ever increase your Planning Center Services tier, your RehearsalPack tier will automatically be increased to accommodate. This ensures everyone on your team always has access. We will send you an emailed receipt with the details of your upgrade and any increase in cost.

What is the difference between RehearsalPack and RehearsalMix?

RehearsalPack provides every person in your Planning Center Services account access to song charts and the original fully mixed recordings of songs. These are accessed exclusively within Planning Center. RehearsalMix allows you to stream modified versions of a song's original recording that feature "Up" and "Down" mixes for rehearsing specific instrumental or vocal parts. These mixes can be accessed from, our ChartBuilder app, and as song attachments in Planning Center. Here's where you can learn more. A single RehearsalMix seat is included with your RehearsalPack subscription. Simply assign it to a person in your account settings to try it out!

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