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Lyric Import

Seamless integration between and ProPresenter.

Accurate Lyrics
Chords on Stage Display
Slide Automation

With Chart Pro™, your days of correcting lyric slides are over.

  • Slides built to match the MultiTrack
  • View chords on Stage Display in any key
  • Customizable 1, 2, and 4 line templates
  • Control your slides with Playback

What do I need?

The Chart Pro subscription + ProPresenter Add-On brings you everything you need for automation-ready charts and lyrics.
And with Cloud Pro Plus, Playback can drive your slide changes for you.

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Chart Pro

Chart Pro is an all-access subscription that brings you everything you need for charts and lyrics. Chart Pro brings you access to over 14,000 charts in ChartBuilder and as PDFs, which are fully customizable with filters for layout, MD notes, capo, song map, and more.

ChartBuilder is available for iOS and Android, so you can be sure your team is equipped regardless of what device they’re on.

ProPresenter Add-On

With the ProPresenter Add-On to Chart Pro, you can unlock chords in all twelve keys for every song you import into ProPresenter. Now, you can dynamically display chords over the the lyrics on your stage display screen. These chords can be instantly changed based on the key of the song.

In the Stage Display editor, the chord information can be viewed as chords, numerals, numbers, and do-re-mi solfège.

Production Cues

Production Cues are premade MIDI Cues in Playback that perfectly sync your lyrics slides, patches, and tracks. No automation required. Use Production Cues to control imported lyric slides in 1, 2, or 4 line styles. Change your song arrangement, or even navigate to a new song section on-the-fly and your lyric slides will follow.

Let Playback control your lyric slide changes for you with Production Cues, unlocked by a Cloud Pro Plus subscription.

Learn how to use it.

Discover every step there is to know how to connect your account to ProPresenter, import song lyrics & chords, and automate them using Production Cues in Playback.

Everything you need to get started.

Chart Pro
Import lyrics directly from ProPresenter, and get full access to our entire catalog of 14,000+ customizable charts in ChartBuilder and as PDF downloads.
ProPresenter Add-On
View chords on Stage Display in customizable layouts in all twelve keys for every song in our catalogue. Import lyric slides that perfectly match the MultiTrack.
Cloud Pro Plus
Use MIDI Production Cues in Playback to control your ProPresenter lyric slides. Change your song arrangement or even navigate songs sections on-the-fly, and your lyric slides will follow.

Time saved with the integration of lyrics search, chord import, and especially Playback's lyrics automation is significant for churches of any size. Now we get to save time, and focus on what matters most.

Cody P.
Renewed Vision

See The Connected Stage in Action

Chart Pro is just one part of keeping your tracks, rehearsal, chart, and production resources perfectly in sync.
For more information, explore these videos.

Introducing Lyric Import

Chart Pro brings you Lyric Import and access to our entire catalog of customizable charts in any format.

How To Get Started

Watch a step-by-step guide to get started with Lyric Import and controlling ProPresenter with Playback.

The Connected Stage

Discover how our ecosystem unlocks a synchronized worship experience to help your team prepare, practice, and lead as one.

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