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Charts that match the MultiTrack.

Purchase accurate and customizable charts designed to help your team learn songs quickly.

Song Map

Every chart includes the song map of the original recording. Perfect for keeping everyone in sync.

Available in 12 keys

Once you purchase your chart you can transpose in Charts to all 12 keys.

Charts Match the MultiTrack

Every chart follows the exact arrangement of the MultiTrack. Download the track in Playback and your chart will perfectly match the arrangement, every time.

One Chart, Thousands of Combinations

Buy a chart once and gain access to every key and customization. Each person in your team can customize every chart to their needs.

Endlessly customize each Chart to meet your needs.
Key12 Keys
MD NotesHide or Show MD Notes
Section OutlinesHide or Show Section Outlines
Capo4 Frets for Each Key
Song MapHide or Show the Song Map
Chord DisplayChords, Numbers, Numerals or Do Re Mi
Chart TypeChords & Lyrics, Lyrics, or Song Map
Song Section StyleCondensed or Full
LayoutOne or Two Columns

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À La Carte
$2.00per chart
Browse Songs
  • Unlimited downloads and customization
  • Access to all 12 keys
  • Create and share setlists with your team
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