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Vertical Worship - "Not Done Yet"

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Vertical Worship's brand new single, "Not Done Yet," is an anthemic song that provides a powerful proclamation for your congregation to declare. "Your word will be enough / Your promise we will trust / Greater things are still ahead / You're not done yet!" The band shares, "We have the King’s Word in one hand and our faith in the other." “We take the field. This is our calling. This is the way. God wants us to take the field. We are His people, a chosen people, an army with orders from the King. But our weapons aren’t fashioned by a blacksmith. We have the King’s Word in one hand and our faith in the other. We take the field. But as we march down the hill side by side with our brothers and sisters, we raise a banner for all to see. The Lord is our banner. If He goes with us then we have nothing to fear. We have seen that God is good. God’s disposition towards his army is to give them what they do not deserve - favor, mercy, and victory. Grace is on our side. And so, we take the field.”
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