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Travis Greene - Broken Record

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Travis Greene has released his brand new album, Broken Record. For most of the album, Travis stands alone with his requisite guitar, backed by a trio of dynamic vocal worshippers and a group of profoundly astute musicians. However, in a few noteworthy moments, he shares the microphone with Steffany Gretzinger in "Good & Loved" and Trinity Anderson, D'Nar Young, Taylor Poole in "Respond." On “Respond," his three supporting vocalists each take their turn adding to the song’s beautiful and reassuring refrain. Then, in a much more unlikely turn during “Broken Vessels,” he is joined on vocals by his musicians, as they leave their instruments unattended for a beautiful and vulnerable moment of corporate worship. Broken Record is comprised of songs to, and about, the God of our salvation who comforts (“Respond”), restores, astounds (“Great Jehovah” and “Perform”), prepares (“The Breaker”), and loves (“Good And Loved” and “Loved By You”) us, in spite of – and inspired by – ourselves and our circumstances. Broken Record, recorded live during an intimate and impactful in-studio session, firmly establishes Travis as one of the preeminent worship leaders of this generation, once again showcasing his ability to curate a collection of songs that evoke corporate and personal communion with God, while simultaneously continuing in the vain of reaching across the faith-based genre “aisles,” in an even larger movement to unite and desegregate the body of Christ.   Broken Record - Travis Greene
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