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Sing Like The Battle Is Over - Catherine Mullins

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Sing Like the Battle Is Over is the newest album from Catherine Mullins and her first release in partnership with Watershed Music Group. This album marks her first release since 2015, The River is Rising (Ramp Worship), and features 10 praise and worship anthems including a bold new capture of her corporate worship favorite, "Never Lost." With passion and honesty, this album centers on praise in the midst of battle. The album takes you on a journey from the depths of the heart to the eternal victory of the cross. This studio album marries analog and digital tonalities with simple piano intros to dynamic choruses with synths, guitars, and drums each complimenting one another. Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for Sing Like the Battle Is Over are now available. Sing Like the Battle Is Over - Catherine Mullins  
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