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Sherwin Gardner - "Heal Our Land"

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Heal Our Land” is a poignant new song of hope from the acclaimed gospel artist Sherwin Gardner. In 2017, Gardner frequently travelled between the United States and his home in the Caribbean to promote his praise and worship album, Greater. “Within that period, I was seeing a lot of crime and a lot of negative things happening in the islands and in particular my home island, Trinidad and Tobago," Gardner explains. "I said to myself that instead of us, as Caribbean people, complaining about all of the crime, the only thing that can really bring change is for God to heal our land and for us to come together as people to pray and to ask God to heal our land. But not just to pray… The song is building an initiative for us as a church to start to come together to do more within our communities to build people up...This is a message for the world.” "Heal Our Land" is now available on iTunes and you can pick up the resources you need at "Heal Our Land" - Sherwin Gardner
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