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Shane Lepisi | "Not Mad"

CATEGORIES: News, New Releases
Shane Lepisi has partnered with John Katina from the group The Katinas, to bring a soulful vibe to worship. "Not Mad"  was written in January of 2020 during the loss of Shane’s 10 year old nephew, Cj. He was challenged by one of his sisters stating that God was mad and not happy with her and took her son from her. And the journey of understanding the love of God for Shane began. Shane found inspiration in the scriptures of Romans 8:38, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.” Shane says, “That’s what sealed it for me. If 'nothing' means nothing, then my questions about God, or my anger or my doubts doesn’t separate me from Him. Losing a nephew and then walking through this COVID-19 crisis, watching people lose their jobs, their safety, their peace, even their lives, I felt God wanted to remind us that He is in love with us. He is proud of us and that there is nothing that will separate us from His love.” Shane has led Sunday audiences in worship for over 20 years, currently serving as Worship Pastor in Sacramento, California. He says, “Today, I’m blessed with the fruit of seeds that were planted long ago. I reap the fruit of endless prayers, outrageous sacrifices, and hard decisions that were made before me. For that, I’m thankful, down into my soul... all thanks be to God!”
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