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Shane Lepisi - "Never Fails"

CATEGORIES: News, New Releases

Shane Lepisi has partnered with writer Edward Rivera to release his second single, "Never Fail," to worshippers everywhere. "Never Fail" is a declaration of the faithfulness of God motivated by Joshua 21:45. Shane was inspired by Joshua’s declaration that God had fulfilled every single promise to the people of Israel and never failed once.  “Even as seasons changed in Joshua’s life and in my own, God remained as faithful then as He is today,” says Shane, believing that others will be encouraged by this great truth. "Never Fail" offers worshippers a chance to declare this great victory over their own lives.

Shane has lead Sunday audiences in worship for over 20 years, currently serving as Worship Pastor at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California. Over the years he’s witnessed the value that effortless but profound lyrics have on churchgoers. Writing Never Fails with that audience in mind, Shane sought to encourage believers in the midst of even the darkest of season that God is still faithful and will, indeed, never fail.  

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