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September's Free MultiTrack of the Month - "We Are Redeemed" by Andrew Marcus

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During the month of September, we are offering "We Are Redeemed" by Andrew Marcus as the Free MultiTrack of the Month. "We Are Redeemed" comes to us from Andrew's brand new album, Constant.  It proclaims the redemption we have because of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross and shares the good news of all He has done for us.  With an upbeat and congregational sound, the song rejoices that His great love has made a way for us to be in His presence for all eternity, "So we join with shouts of praise to lift Your holy name.  Your grace and mercy have redeemed.  We join our hearts as one to glorify the Son whose grace and mercy have redeemed.  We are redeemed!" It is available in eight keys in both WAV and M4A format, so log into your account and download your copy today. Be sure to check out all the songs from Constant.  It is now available on iTunes - download your copy today! We Are Redeemed - Andrew Marcus  
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