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Saddleback Worship | "Heaven on Earth"

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Saddleback Worship shares, "Earth will never be Heaven no matter how hard we hope and desire for it to be. Heaven is perfection in its fullness and Earth, as every one of us knows, is broken. We’re in the 'in-between'—the 'now and not yet.' Here, there are no guarantees that our prayers are going to be answered the way we are believing for them to be or that we won’t be faced with things we never saw coming. But God, in all of His wonder and grace, gives us the guarantee through the beautiful gift of His presence that He will always be with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. One of His very names is 'Immanuel: God with us.' He is here—walking with us every single moment of every single day. Through it all, we can count on the promise of His presence. Friend, Heaven may not have invaded Earth the way you were believing it to, BUT come Hell or high water, Heaven WILL meet you. Heaven on Earth is not everything panning out the way we pray, hope, or believe that it will. Heaven on Earth is the fulfillment of God’s promise of His presence EVEN IF everything doesn’t go according to how we envisioned or prayed it to be. The miracle of His perfect presence, present in our imperfect, broken, human experience…this is Heaven on Earth."

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