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For parents who are tired of listening to “Baby Shark” on repeat, Rend Co. Kids & Rend Collective has released an album aimed at kids, but with parental sanity in mind, too. The 13-track collection, titled SPARKLE. POP. RAMPAGE​., features original songs that teach children character lessons and Bible stories, but done with such great music, that parents won’t believe their ears. The newly formed Rend Co. Kids is not “worship lite,” but worship done right with attention to craftsmanship, imagination, storytelling and artistry as their signature. “We’ve never labored over a record like we have over this kids’ album,” states ​Chris Llewellyn​ of Rend Collective and Rend Co. Kids. “Kids are the most discerning audience out there—they feel the hollowness of the lackluster, uninspired content that so often is carelessly tossed their way. And they deserve something crafted, customized and carefully considered. So, for over 18 months we literally did our very best.” The result is something never heard before: an album for children ages 4-10 that they and their parents can equally enjoy together. The band knew they were onto something when listeners praised the music, but then followed their compliments with, “Shouldn’t this be on a Rend Collective album, not a kids’ album?” Comments like these only heightened Rend Collective’s fierce dedication to giving kids the same quality of music as adults have. “There is no junior Holy Spirit” became their battle cry. SPARKLE. POP. RAMPAGE.​ doesn’t simply tell children that God is full of fun, adventure, strength, and love—they can hear it and feel it and moms and dads will as well. With different beats for every mood, kids can turn on these songs, and parents won’t reach to change the music.   SPARKLE. POP. RAMPAGE​.Rend Co. Kids & Rend Collective
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