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NEW RELEASES | Week of 9/19/22

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Bethel Music | Simple

Bethel Music shares the heart behind their album saying, "In this season for Bethel Music, we keep coming back to the simple message of the Gospel. This album focuses on the simplicity of intimate worship with God. We want to give the Lord our most honest, vulnerable selves and this album guides us into that desired heart posture before the Lord."

UPPEROOM | Moments: Image 005

"Image 005 is a compilation of special times of live worship we have had in our house of prayer and at our weekend church services at UPPERROOM. It is the fifth Moments project we have released and includes original songs our team have written, cover songs and spontaneous moments of prophetic worship," shares UPPERROOM. "These special moments are becoming more frequent than rare, and we are excited to release an EP of moments every month through the rest of the year. We believe these corporate songs and moments of intimate encounter with the Lord will be a blessing to you."

Alexander Pappas | American Dream

Pappas shares: "I pray songs like 'Older' and 'High Hopes' would inspire you to grow, that 'Keep Your Word' and 'Goodbyes' would fill your faith, that 'Does Anyone Else Feel Like Me?' would lead you towards a newfound vulnerability, trusting and knowing that you're not alone and finally, that 'Million Ways' and 'American Dream' would point you towards the magnitude of what a good God He is."



Ben Fuller | Who I Am

Blanca | The Heartbreak and the Healing

Gateway Worship | I Need You - Session

Matt Redman | Son of Suffering





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