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NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/29/22

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Israel & New Breed | NewBreed Anthem + Miracles Signs & Wonders

Two singles from Israel & New Breed's upcoming album, Worship Anywhere, are available now! Both "NewBreed Anthem" and "Miracles Signs & Wonders" offer a joyful, stomp-clap singalong that sets the tone for the album, as well as a dynamic, feel-good groove.

Planetshakers | Greater

“When you read the Psalms about praising God, it’s very descriptive,” notes Joth Hunt. “Clap your hands all you people, shout to God your voice of triumph, rejoice before Him, dance before the Lord with all your might – a lot of these scriptures paint a picture of what praise should be like. And it’s obviously a celebration. My encouragement for the Church globally is to not lose that celebration of praise,” continues Hunt. “Whenever we do it, it really does break through the atmosphere...almost breaks people open, dusts them off and gets them into a place where they can receive from God."

Phil Wickham | Behold (feat. Anna Wilson)

"What a joy it is to release my new Christmas single 'BEHOLD,'" shares Phil Wickham. "I love how this song balances both new and familiar Christmas lyrics, and I can’t wait to sing this one with the Church. Thanks to the very talented Anne Wilson for joining me on it!"

Josh Baldwin | I See The Light

What joy can we not feel when reminded of the new life that comes when we put our life in Jesus’ hands! While His sacrifice may seem overwhelming and incomprehensible, He desires for us to know and feel His love. "I See The Light" takes us to a place of joy and remembrance for all He has done for us.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard | The Church I Grew Up In

"'The Church I Grew Up In' tells the story of this album. It’s what the whole record is all about. We had footage playing behind us of the very first church my father built back in my hometown. The song starts off by saying, 'There’s a little white church in Georgia with the steeple still attached,' and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It’s a revival song. It’s a reminder that who we are matters, that the Church matters, that the Church is still alive. I think it’s important to remind people of that coming out of this pandemic. Even though our faith may have been shaken, God’s Church is still alive and His power is still here. The song captures everything I want this album to say."


Cody Carnes | Ain't Nobody

Leanna Crawford | Before I Knew Jesus

Mosaic MSC | Thanks- EP

SEU Worship | Pour It Out





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