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NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/22/22

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Tribl x SONS THE BAND | Cross and Empty Grave

SONS THE BAND shares: "This song speaks to the grandness of God's majesty and wonder, and yet His desire to draw close and know us by name. It acknowledges that this mystery is only possible through the work that Jesus did on the cross and the victory He won by the empty grave."

Chris Tomlin x Steffany Gretzinger | O Lord, You're Beautiful

“This project is all about helping people have an encounter with God through worship and this next song we are releasing, 'O Lord, You're Beautiful' with my dear friend Steffany Gretzinger, is a song that for me personally, does just that…'' shared Chris Tomlin.  “During the pandemic I started to do church at home with my girls, and each Sunday we would gather around the piano and worship as a family. Very quickly this song, written decades ago by the legendary Keith Green, became an anthem for us and soon became the catalyst for this record. I don’t often record covers, but I am so excited to come behind and champion a song as powerful as this one is for the Church.”

Brandon Lake x Essential Worship | Song Sessions EP

Brandon Lake shares: “I love creating all kinds of music but nothing, absolutely nothing, feels as satisfying and rewarding than creating songs that the church can sing and experience God through. These few songs on this Song Sessions EP have been some of my favorite to not only lead but to hear the people of God cry out to. From vertical laughter that expresses our gratitude to God, to declarations against fear and anxiety and even belief for the miraculous, you can find my story in these songs and maybe even find pieces of yours.”

Jonathan Traylor | You Got Me

Jonathan Traylor releases the next in a series of singles, “You Got Me”. This song is a reminder that no matter what trials and tribulations we may face, God is always holding onto us and steering the ship through the storm.

Rita Springer | Nothing to Buy (feat. kalley)

God's love does not come heavy with expense or the weight of a pay back. His mercy and kindness, salvation and grace are free. There were three females in the room writing this song. We sat talking about God's blood gift and how important the table is that He offers us a seat at. A place where we don’t have to perform or try hard to impress. Those that do not know Him come in to find the surprise of His freedom while those that do, need the great reminder. "Nothing To Buy" offers us the hearing again of how God would call us into His heart, which is still the freest place we could ever encounter!


Aaron Cole | Hands

Evan Craft | Fight On My Knees

LO Worship | Open

Mark Barlow | Soul Hymns





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