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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/2/22

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TAYA | Getaway

“It’s about keeping company with Jesus and being honest with Him in the process. He is the safest place in the world, where else would I go? The song we didn’t know we needed and yet in Gods perfect timing, perhaps the one we needed most. May this song be just that for you too.”

The Belonging Co | This Is Freedom (Ain't No Rock)

Recorded live at their conference in 2021, this song captures the freedom found only in Jesus Christ. It joyously proclaims the goodness of the gospel and the decision to praise Jesus without hindrance while joyously experiencing the presence of God.

Lindy Cofer | Lord of the Harvest

"'Lord of the Harvest' was written out of Matthew 9! This is the scripture where Jesus sees the crowd, has compassion and THEN prays to the Lord of the Harvest. My prayer as you hear this song is that our eyes would be lifted to see the harvest around us, but driven from a place of compassion."


CCV Music | Standing Tall

Jimmy McNeal | Roots



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