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NEW RELEASES | Week of 10/11/21

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Michael W. Smith | Worship Forever (Live)

“The Worship record was a special one for me. From the recording live in Lakeland, Florida – to the release on 9/11– the day our nation was attacked. I’ve seen God use those songs and that music in ways I could have never dreamed."

Alexander Pappas | IDAHO EP

Pappas' approach is edgy, energetic, and nostalgic fused with inspirational, pop, and alt-rock beats."There are songs of worship and songs of heartbreak; these are the songs in the middle, of the now and not yet."


Many of the songs from Love Note were written during the fall of 2020, a season of consecration, repentance and hunger for our UPPERROOM church community. We devoted ourselves to the Lord, in the midst of personal, corporate and national pain, and our songwriters began to write and sing the season of devotion. During the spring of 2021, our church body met daily for prayer and worship during a 40 day corporate fast and our team arranged and recorded these songs live at our prayer and worship services. 

Vertical Worship | How Good Is He

"'How Good Is He' is a simple song of thanks to God for who He is and what He’s done. When we sit at a table we often give thanks or thank those who have prepared the meal for making it. Often the words don’t need to be many, but HGIH describes to the giver what we’re thankful for being given.”

Red Rocks Worship | Echo Holy (In Studio)

“It just does something to the soul to imagine millions of angels falling on their face before the throne of Majesty. We hope to hear each of your stories as you continue to encounter Jesus!”

SEU Worship | Walk With You

"I wrote 'Walk With You' after a long night staying up with my newborn son. The following morning I was spending time with the Lord in prayer, and found myself singing the verses and chorus of the song. In every chapter of life, God has proven himself faithful. Whether I was full of fear, on the run or battling bitterness, God’s love never gave up on me. I can’t help but want to be closer to a God who loves like this." -Dan Rivera



Influence Music | ages (deluxe)

Crossroads Music | Anything to Bless Your Heart

Glaubenszentrum Live | Wach auf, meine Seele

Justin Tweito | The King Is Coming

People of Hope | Only You

The Village Church | Here In Your Love (Live)

Vineyard Worship | Prayer of Consecration

Bethany Barnard | All My Questions

Canyon Hills Worship | Spirit of God

Christ for the Nations Worship | God of New Seasons

Katy Weirich | Joy to the World (Hallelujah)

Kingdomcity | In God We Trust

Simple Hymns | Confession Hymn

Willamette Music | A Thousand Songs




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