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NEW RELEASES | 1/5/2024

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Katy Nichole & Naomi Raine | My God Can

“This song is so special because I got to write it with some of my closest friends (Josh Havens, Jordan Mohilowski, Ethan Hulse), and I got to collaborate with the beautiful and talented Naomi Raine, which was such an honor. I am so excited for you guys to hear it and I hope this song gives you the confidence to trust fully in God as you walk into 2024!”

Jeremy Camp | These Days

Returning with his latest single, “These Days,” Jeremy Camp re-writes his sound to address a constantly evolving world. In the middle of the tensions we experience from all over, this song is a reminder to you that you’re created for a purpose and a light in a dark world. 

River Valley AGES | Prayer Journal

"Prayer Journal is a collection of songs lifted straight from our team's daily devotional time with the Lord.  We set out to create a project that would serve as a soundtrack to your personal time of prayer and devotion. We pray that these songs would inspire you day after day to chase after those precious moments of revelation, correction and communion found only in the secret place."





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