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New Podcast Episode with Elevation Worship

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“One aspect of recording the crowd is you want to get the room in terms of the whole picture. But then the other aspects you’re trying to capture are those special worship moments that are happening in specific places. If you pick one or the other, I don’t think you’re truly capturing the worship that’s happening.”

Geek out with us on all the technical aspects of capturing Elevation Worship’s latest album LION featuring LJ Mitchell (Music Director) and Jonathan Mix (Head Audio Engineer)! Every Elevation Worship album sonically reflects where their church is right now, and LION is no exception.

 LJ and J Mix discuss why Elevation calls their live recordings “Nights of Worship,” the spiritual sweet spot of marrying spontaneity and structure, the last-minute addition backstory of “Same God,” and more.

Check out this inspiring episode today!

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