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New MultiTracks from Life Worship's "Dance Again"

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Dance Again is the latest release from UK's Life Church, recorded live in Bradford, England in November of 2013.  It captures the journey and passion of their journey with God over recent years and features original songs written by members of the church along with a cover of "One Thing Remains" by Brian Johnson of Bethel Music.  It is their hope that by taking the sound of what God is doing in their congregation and sharing it, many others will also be strengthened and encouraged. There’s a great version of "We Believe" which was made popular by the Newsboys earlier this year.  It's a firm statement of faith, expressing all that we believe in: "We believe in God the Father. We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit and He's given us new life."  It's upbeat and uplifting, driving and joyful, and is great for corporate worship.  "Alive Inside" begins with a pulsing energy in the synth line and a declaration of God's unfailing love.  The song is fun and energetic, with a trance style and plenty of electronic sounds.  Probably the most talked about song on the album, however, is the title track, "Dance Again."  It was based upon the moving testimony of church member, Amanda Varty, whose nine year battle with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis had left her so weak, that she often couldn't walk and was bedridden much of the time.  Finding strength during worship and after receiving prayer at church, she finally walked away from her wheelchair and did the one thing she had dreamed about all throughout her illness: she danced again before God.  The song says "Praise Him when your heart is breaking, when your strength is almost gone. Sing out your song and praise Him in the fire and fury, in the dark night of your soul. Your God is in control. Your tears will dry, your heart will mend, your scars will heal and you will Dance Again!”  Great project and it’s full of life!  Check out this great project and all the original master MultiTracks to help your team lead these songs in your church.

  Dance Again - Life Church
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