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New MultiTracks from Life Worship - Wide Open Space

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Wide Open Space is the newest live release from Bradford, England's LIFE Worship, following up on their 2014 release, Dance Again. The team writes, "Wide Open Space is a celebration of adventure. A call to the wild edges of God’s grace – where impossible things happen. Where we are caught up in the mystery of His will – the end of trying to figure everything out in our heads & step out into the wide open spaces of God’s grace. Stepping scared. But thirsty for adventure."  LIFE Worship songwriter and worship leader Matt Hooper shares that Romans 5 is the scriptural basis for the entire album, "We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that He has already thrown open His door to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.” The album's title track, "Wide Open Space," expresses this theme well, incorporating electronic elements and joyful dance-praise beats as it praises, "I found my life in mercy deep.  I found Your kingdom on my knees.  I found salvation wild and free when I found You."  Matt comments, “Wide Open Space came from a time of healing in my life where God was challenging me to be all He has called me to be, and to let His Spirit bring some dreams into reality.  The song is me asking God to take me on the grace adventure, to fulfill the potential that God has given me and have fun doing it!”  "Love Let Loose" is another anthem full of great energy and catchy hooks.  It originally appeared on LIFE Church Youth Worship band, I AM Future's EP of the same name and rejoices in God's grace and the way His love has transformed our lives, "With Your love in my heart and hope in my veins, I'm seeing the world through the eyes of my faith. Till everyone sees there is hope found in Your name. Your love let loose in me." "Closer" is a beautiful worship ballad about the love and acceptance of our God and our response to Him.  He welcomes us with the love of a father, chasing away our fears and forgiving our sins as we surrender and pour out our worship to Him.  It goes on to remind us of our identities as His beloved children, repeating, "We are chosen, we are loved.  We're sons and daughters.  We are ever in Your love." Wide Open Space is now available on iTunes.  Check out all the great songs from this release!  Download your copy today. Wide Open Space - LIFE Worship  
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