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New MultiTracks from Josh Lopez - Don't Give Up

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Award winning songwriter and worship leader, Josh Lopez, has released his new album, Don't Give Up.  Upon successfully completing the prestigious Ironman Challenge, Josh decided to write songs about his journey that would parallel the everyday challenges that people face.  Though he faced many challenges himself as he trained for the race and often felt like giving up, he discovered the great joy that came in persevering.  He shares, "I decided to stay the course and what was on the other side was worth it." This new album builds upon his experiences and offers great inspiration to listeners, blending pop, gospel, and rhythmic styles with messages of hope and encouragement. "Let's Love" features guest artists The Katinas.  With a light funk sound, it stresses the importance of love in this world.  It calls upon us to come together to show the love of Christ to those all around us who are searching for hope.  Warm strings help create an intimate atmosphere that is both prayerful and dynamic in "Breakthrough," an anthem that surrenders every part of who we are to God and seeks His presence, healing, and redemption in our lives.  It prayerfully petitions, "So I'm asking You to break through every part of me, my sin, my pride, fill me with Your love again.  I'm asking You to break through every part of me.  Break through, break through, break through."   The album's title track, "Don't Give Up," encourages worshippers to remember God's faithfulness.  It urges people to never give up and emphasizes that God will always make a way.  Filled with plenty of rich strings, tight harmonies, and gorgeous chord progressions, it declares, "I've come too far to give up now. I'm pressing on to God's promise and plan. And just when I thought I had reached the end, Your grace helped me stand. I've come too far." Josh concludes, “Every failure, every disappointment is a part of the journey.  Just because you failed doesn’t mean you quit, it means you are stronger than yesterday...Don’t Give Up.” Be sure to check out all the songs from this new project, now available on iTunes! Don't Give Up - Josh Lopez
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