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New MultiTracks from HungryGen Worship - As Long As I Live

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Based out of Pasco, Washington, HungryGen Worship believes in the importance of reaching people through life-changing worship and meaningful praise. With their latest EP As Long As I Live, they are encouraging listeners to feel and believe that the Spirit of the Living God is alive and with them at all times. The EP features a blend of bright synths and exhilarating guitar leads in songs such as "More of You" and "With Your Fire" while other songs like "Hosanna," "As Long as I Live" and "In Awe of You" display big drums and progressive synth patterns that bring the listener on a wonderful musical journey from beginning to end. As Long as I Live is now available on iTunes.  Download your copy today and introduce these new songs to your congregations with the worship leading resources you can find here at As Long As I Live - HungryGen Worship
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