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New Hymn from Craig Rigney - "Come Thou Fount"

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Following up on his album, Hymn Sessions: Be My Glory Ever, Austin-based worship leader Craig Rigney has released a brand new hymn arrangement of "Come Thou Fount."  "I love old hymns," Craig explains.  "I believe worship in the church encompasses both old and new, remembering and responding to what God has done (much like the "ebenezer" the song talks about) and looking to the future with expectation and hope, celebrating all we have in Christ." "I love encompassing the familiar lyrics and melodies we've sung for generations with the new creative songs of today," he continues.  "I think both are valuable and needed, and together they can broaden our understanding of God and how we worship Him for who He is and what He has done. 'Come Thou Fount' has long been a favorite hymn of mine, and a favorite prayer to sing. I love how the song moves from asking for God's grace even in the moment to sing and worship Him, to thinking on all He has done and remembering His faithfulness, to confessing how much we need His grace and goodness, even asking that He would bind us to to Him, because we are all prone to wonder. It's an utter dependence on Christ, not us."  "Come Thou Fount" is now available on iTunes and you can find the worship leading resources for the single here on Come Thou Fount - Craig Rigney    
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