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New From Hillsong Worship - OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild

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Hillsong Worship has released their highly anticipated 24th live worship album, OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild.  Instead of releasing the album during the annual Hillsong Conference as they have traditionally done in the past, Hillsong Worship recorded the songs live at the Conference capturing the incredible energy and atmosphere of the gathering which was attended by worship leaders from all around the world. This new collection of anthems is certain to resonate with the global church.  The team writes, "There is something special about understanding that when we encounter Christ, we live under an Open Heaven. What should our response be? If we are immersed in His mercy, then His Living Water can run wild through us. This is the premise of this album. Our posture, our response to His compassion and grace. We pray this album will impact individuals in both corporate and personal worship times." Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston shares, "As we set out to record this album at our annual Hillsong Conference, the Spirit of God moved powerfully in a way none of us could have expected, planned for, or tried to contain within an album of songs. What we captured was indeed distinctive – a new sound rising in the House of God. The Holy Spirit is our distinctive, His voice needs to be loudest in our lives– and the personal revelations from Him in our worship times are what will set us apart and draw a world in need to a waiting King." "O Praise the Name (Anástasis)" tells the story of Calvary, powerfully capturing the depth of God's love as it walks through the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and eventual return of Christ.  It rejoices in Jesus' victory at the cross and passionately exalts, "O praise the Name of the Lord our God, O praise His Name forevermore. For endless days we will sing Your praise oh Lord, oh Lord our God."  One of the song's writers, Marty Sampson, comments, "The contrast between the emotional humanity of the narrative and the eternal significance of it upon us today still impacts me. It is a timeless message and I pray that its significance is reflected appropriately in this song, O Praise The Name (Anástasis)." We are featuring "One Thing" as our Playback Play of the Week this week. The song acknowledges the emptiness of the things of this world. It expresses a heartfelt desire for intimacy with God and shares the truth that Jesus is all we need, "All I know is everything I have means nothing, Jesus if You’re not my one thing, everything I need right now. All I need is You right now." The album's title track, "Open Heaven / River Wild" has already become a favorite for many people. It's a gorgeous duet that seeks the Spirit of God to pour out over us as we worship and surrender all to Him. The song opens up with a soft and prayerful atmosphere and builds to a passionate entreaty, "Oh Holy Spirit burn like a fire, all consuming, consume me. Here in Your presence Lord I surrender to Your glory for Your glory. Living Water, river wild in me, immerse me in Your mercy. Open heaven crashing over me. Restore me in Your glory" "The lyrics of this song are indeed the declaration of our heart in this season at Hillsong Church," Brian Houston adds. "TO His Glory and FOR His Glory – there is no other reason that we worship." All of the songs on OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild encourage people to worship to God with passion, sincerity, and humility.  Be sure to listen to the entire album, now available worldwide on iTunes!  We will be adding more tracks from the album throughout the week, so check back if your favorite is not yet on the site. OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild - Hillsong Worship
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