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New Album from Hillsong Worship - There Is More

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Today marks the global release of Hillsong Worship's 26th live praise and worship album, There Is More. This passion-filled project features brand new, original music from Hillsong Worship, including lead single “Who You Say I Am,” a live-in-concert Taya Smith-led version of “So Will I (100 Billion X),” and signature ballads like “New Wine.” Hillsong Worship’s Brooke Ligertwood said about There Is More, “There is more at stake than we dare realize - souls, communities, families, nations on the other side of our wrestle through the night seasons. Our personal freedom is for corporate revival. There is more of God and more to God and His love than we can possibly conceive of.”  There Is More is now available on iTunes and you can find the Original Master MultiTracks, instrument parts in RehearsalMix, and Charts here on There Is More - Hillsong Worship
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