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MultiTracks Now Available from Saddleback Worship

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Saddleback Worship is a team of people relentlessly pursuing Jesus and committed to serving His church.  Ministering out of Saddleback Church, which has multiple campuses spread out all over the world, the team exists to bring God glory in all they do and they have a heart for equipping churches worldwide to reach their redemptive potential.  Created out of a deep love for God and a desire to keep Him first, Saddleback Worship has released their new EP, First, which features 6 new original songs.  We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks for this new album today! Saddleback Church's Global Worship Pastor, John Cassetto, writes, "As we balance God's purposes for our lives - to connect, grow, serve, share, and worship - we believe that the purpose of worship is our first, foundational pursuit.  Everything else flows from our worship.  With Saddleback campuses all over the world, we are united in purpose and sing with one voice.  We're placing the worship of our King, our Leader, our Redeemer - Jesus - in its rightful place in our lives.  First." "Great God" is a strong new anthem that praises the greatness and majesty of our God, marveling at His love and declaring our devotion.  With great adoration, it worships, "Great God, You are here.  We come alive in Your presence.  We love singing out to You.  You reign over all the earth bearing hope, bringing freedom.  Shout it out, You are my great God.  Great God!"  "We Thank You" is a powerful song of thanksgiving to the One from whom everything good flows.  It encourages worshippers to lift their praises to God, thanking Him for His faithfulness and love.  "Careless - Song of Dependence" beautifully expresses the sufficiency of God and praises the way His provision surpasses anything we could imagine.  It testifies of this great truth, "I am careless in the care of God.  He will provide all I need.  Sustainer, my daily bread.  He will provide all I need.  He will provide all I need." First is now available on iTunes!  Be sure to check out all of these great new songs - download your copy today! First - Saddleback Worship
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