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MultiTracks Now Available from Galaxies by The Digital Age

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Galaxies is the brand new release from The Digital Age.  This new album marks The Digital Age's second full length project following their 2013 release Evening: Morning.  With great energy and a modern sound, it includes songs such as "How Sweet It Is" and "If I Have You" which rejoice in God's love and sufficiency while "Undivided" and "I Belong" offer heartfelt declarations of surrender and devotion.  The band writes, "We are living in a moment. On the razor-thin edge of time. A chase has begun. A journey where we reach farther than the breadth of our imagination - to find who we really are. The quest: to leave anxiety behind. To pursue joy and love with confidence. To venture through the unknown with courageous calm. We push ahead, to the place where the thorns of prejudice, stereotype, and violence, which thrive on roots of fear and worry, wither away under the immense heat and gravity of grace. As we draw nearer, we let go, and find that we no longer need to push. We are being pulled. Toward Light. Toward Hope. Toward Significance. Toward Strength. Toward Grace. Toward Forgiveness. To Love."  We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks from this dynamic new album and encourage you to pick up your own copy today, now available on iTunes. Galaxies - The Digital Age
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