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MultiTracks Now Available from Doxa Theo

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Liturgical-based music collective Doxa Theo is comprised of worship leaders and artists spread out around the country who write songs and cultivate community within the art of worship.  Their name is a Greek translation for "Glory to God" and it reflects the heart behind what they do.  They state, "Each of us have poured our hearts, our time, and our creativity into the idea that we are giving glory to God through, not only our music, but our desire to seek His presence in pursuit of our identity as creatives...Doxa Theo is our attempt to offer truth of the gospel and the incredible good news of love and grace through the sacrifice of Jesus. We believe this involves, not only ourselves, but creation around us. We are a part of a beautiful, orchestrated verse that echoes the Creator's love for us."  Future Glory is the group's latest release and it introduces sacred hymns, prayers, and gospel-centered lyrics that all focus on giving glory to God whether in sharing the Gospel and proclaiming Jesus' incredible love with songs such as "Grace and Peace" and "Beautifully Broken" or touching on themes of sanctification and devotion as in the driving anthem "No Other Fountain."  We are glad to offer the Original Master MultiTracks as you include these songs in your services and we encourage you to download the album, now available on iTunes. Future Glory - Doxa Theo
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