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MultiTracks from American Prodigal by Crowder are Now Available!

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Crowder has just released his sophomore solo project, American Prodigal, following up on his 2014 double-GRAMMY® nominated album Neon Steeple.  This new release features a blend of folk elements, rocking beats, and powerful truths that all come together with a sound that is uniquely Crowder.  "I know what it means to have the divide spanned on my behalf," he shares.  "Grace works on us all just the same. Love works on us all just the same. Freedom works on us all just the same. There’s only one definitive line and that’s the one between death and life.  These songs are about that divide spanned on our behalf and I pray they are subversive and healing in their insistence of that reality." One of the standouts on the new album is "My Victory," which was featured on the latest Passion album, Salvation's Tide is Rising.  It speaks of the power and triumph of the cross and shows how something meant for death was transformed into something ultimately meant for life.  It acknowledges how Jesus came to save us and cover all of us with His grace.  The chorus proclaims, "Oh Your love bled for me. Oh Your blood in crimson streams.  Oh Your death is hell's defeat. A cross meant to kill is my victory."  "Back to the Garden" puts us in the position of Adam in the Garden and shows how sin has separated us from God.  The song has a dramatic mournful sound as it expresses a longing to be free from sin and reunited in His presence as we were always meant to be, "Take me back to the garden.  Take me back and walk with me.  For Your presence, I am longing.  Take me back, God, take me back." "Shepherd" is a tender congregational anthem that is based on the 23rd Psalm.  With a light, Southern sound, it praises Jesus for being our provision and comfort and for healing and loving us.  The lyrics are familiar and the message encouraging as it reminds us that Jesus is always with us and will always guide us, "Surely goodness will follow me every promise will be light to my feet.  When my heart is prone to wandering - Jesus, You shepherd me." Our friends at Worship Together are featuring "Shepherd" this week on the New Song Cafe.  If you are unfamiliar with Worship Together, we encourage you to check them out as they are an incredible and valuable resource for the Church.  Head over to the "Shepherd" song page to hear Crowder sing and tell the story behind the song, then grab a free chart of the song! American Prodigal is now available on iTunes.  Grab your copy of the album today! American Prodigal - Crowder
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