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Mack Brock | "Your Presence Is A Promise"

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"One of the things I love the most about getting out of the city and under a clear sky is the amount of stars you’re able to see when there’s no other outside light. It’s amazing how many more there are, and how much brighter they shine when it’s completely dark. They cover the sky. Sometimes it takes going deep into a darkness before you can see the beauty of light piercing through. Loneliness and difficult seasons can be like that. They hang over us like the unlit night, making us feel alone and afraid. But when we choose to look up, there is beauty to be found in those dark places. Beauty that can’t be seen in the bright daytime light, but only in the valley," shares Mack Brock explaining his heart behind his new song, "Your Presence Is A Promise". "I love that in the New Testament Jesus calls himself 'The light of the world' (John 8:12) - when He is with us, He illuminates our darkness. And did you know that God promises His presence to us? In Matthew 28:20, He says 'and behold I am with you ALWAYS, to the end of the age.' If we put those two thoughts together we can stand on the promise that even in the darkest seasons, Jesus is with us and will light up our night. We only need to look to Him."

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