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"Joy In Your Waters" - Lindsay Potter

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Drawing from Psalm 30:1-5 and Ezekiel 47:9, Lindsay Potter's debut single "Joy In Your Waters" was written as a testimony of the healing power of the Holy Spirit. So many times, certain situations leave us baffled, bewildered, lost, broken, complexed, and in need of something bigger than ourselves. This song tells that story.  "Even in our brokenness, God is faithful to give beauty for ashes; in the middle of our questioning, He brings peace and is faithful to make every wrong thing right," Lindsay shares.  "Our job isn’t to fix the uncertainty in our heart but to step into His river – to step deeper into His presence. My prayer is that everyone who hears this song feels the nearness of the God who is close to the broken-hearted." "Joy In Your Waters" is now available on iTunes and you can find all the worship leading resources here on Joy In Your Waters - Lindsay Potter
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